3d Modeling Application

AEC 3D ReBar 1.0

AEC 3D ReBar 1.0: 3D modeling application, bar bending scheduler determinesdrawing extents, draws application that comes from the AEC application package. To meet the demands of value engineers regarding time, cost and effective, an automation manager like AEC 3D Rebar is needed. AEC 3D Rebar is a 3D modeling application and bar bending scheduler. From a given input 2D AutoCAD plans, the program AEC 3D Rebar automatically starts a Setup Wizard, determine Drawing Extents, draws Line Diagram, scales it, identifies columns, retain desired columns

CAMCTO 2.35: Rapid Application Development tool for Engineering.

CAMCTO is a rapid application development tool for engineering. It allows to create standalone modeling applications in minutes. Customized executable and HTML Help files are created. Used originally for air engines modeling, it proved to be universal tool, which can be used for virtually anything. System requirements include Borland Delphi 7.0 command-line compiler.

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SLPSoft Interactive Application Modeling 1.1: An easy way to Model a project
SLPSoft Interactive Application Modeling 1.1

Application Modeling, manager should be able to provide a quick model to the customer without any problem. The SLPSoft Interactive Application Modeling enables managers and employees to view a project as an entity, where that entity itself as a function. Here is a detailed outline about the software. • Enables managers and employees to view the project differently • The project is being viewed as a model driven entity • Each section in the

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Spring Simulation 1.03: Spring modeling application allow moving bob and changing any params
Spring Simulation 1.03

Spring modeling application allows to move the bob and to change any params

chaos, spring, modeling, mathematical, puankare, simulation

Infinity 1.3.1: Innovative non-linear math software for high precision calculations. Try it now!
Infinity 1.3.1

application that brings actual mathematical modeling results where the competition bites the dust! Infinity is an innovative non-linear math application that allows you use complex mathematical expressions within equations to describe the problem which requires solution. Once the model is described using the common math language you can see the result immediately. The application offers unbeatable level of precision outperforming any competing math

equations, systems, differential equations, math, non linear, differential, ordinary

DeKlarit 4.3: DeKlarit is the Model Driven tool fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio
DeKlarit 4.3

applications incrementally with efficient change management. - A Rapid Application Development tool for the business rules and data access layers. - No need for expertise in database design or building middle tier components. It allows you to focus on the rest of the application. - Support for both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle - Projects can be generated in C# or Visual Basic .NET How does it Work? 1. Design your data-based application by describing

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ActiveSolid 1.51: Internet-ready 3D solid  modeling, prototyping and view mark-up application
ActiveSolid 1.51

ActiveSolid is a 3D solid modeling, prototyping and view mark-up application. It runs in either of two modes: ActiveX control and standalone end-user application. It features an intuitive GUI, import/export plug-in architecture, associative 3D dimensions, robust Boolean operations on 3D meshes and 2D polygons, 3D slicing, local vertex editing, 2D mark-up tools, and an array of powerful 3D object creation tools.

solid modeling, 3d slicing, associative dimensions, view mark up, opengl, internet ready, prototyping, activex control, boolean operations, object construction

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